Trial News

Main Study

We have been fantastically supported by colleagues in the CRNs and Cancer Alliances and are delighted at the level of interest we have received from practices across all of England. Recruitment has now closed and we have 477 practices signed up to the trial, making this the biggest trial of cancer risk tools in the UK!

The two-year period for using the software has now finished (end March 2024). Each practice’s contribution have been vitally important in helping the ERICA trial team determine the clinical effectiveness of cancer electronic Risk Assessment Tools (eRATs) in diagnosing cancer earlier (stages 1 and 2). Intervention practices were actively using the cancer risk tools each day, fulfilling the DES cancer directive and with the full support of NHS England and NHS Improvement. Control practices provided usual care and refrained from using electronic decision support tools for cancer such as Qcancer.

We will now be requesting data from the Cancer registry and in 2025 will conduct our analyses so that we can see if the eRATs were clinically effective.

Nested Studies

There was a poor response rate to both the Patient Interview study (process evaluation) and the Patient Questionnaire study (health economics) and so these studies were unfortunately abandoned. However, we have completed interviews with intervention practice staff which will shed light on their experiences of installing and using the eRATs.